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Some kind of old behind the scenes video from back in 1997.
Don’t forget to watch the final Blaster Shot video.

This short has been made by Patrick Zadrobilek back in 1997 with the use of a Amiga 3000 which was used to model the little spaceship and the big blaster gun. Softimage 3D, running on a SGI Indy, was used to texture and animate the scenary and Eddie for Silicon Graphics was used to composit it all together.

The tracking was done frame by frame with Softimage 3D while the video sequence was shot on a old VHS-C video camcorder.

After the video completed I create the sound effects and laid some messed up music over the clip, which I created by using my very minor musical skills 😉

Special Thanks to Peter Pallan, who owned the Silicon Graphics Indy for his Special Visual Effects & Animation studio back in 1997 where I spent many nights creating the Blaster-Shot short movie. Originally made for a Demo Reel, the short saw the day of light too short and Youtube not in sight yet, I spread the Reel mostly via VHS video.